• Alina Cebula

Where is the Hoopoe?

Lately I have been mainly focusing on finding Hoopoe, I had spent hours in a place where I thought I heard one but it never showed up. It's quite late now and finding them can be very difficult because once they have found their mates they can be very quiet. I have also visited a place where a couple of years ago Bee Eaters were nesting to see if they would still be there, but they weren't. There was no signs of anything that looked like their nests.  I have now built a natural hide by the river behind the house and set up a perch for the Kingfisher there. Kingfishers are definitely feeding in the area but there was no signs as of now of them using the perch I set up. I had spent some more time this week doing the garden birds setup, and also photographed them a little bit. I have spotted a red squirrel in the garden and a Great Spotted Woodpecker. The camera trap I had set up in the garden has finally caught some lovely footage of a Pine Marten and a fox.  ​ I also went back to photograph the Dipper again but that didn't bring amazing results because he has positioned himself against some rocks to which I had quite a difficult access. 

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