• Alina Cebula

What makes a good photograph?

I have spent a lot of time recently observing the mountains from outside the park. From comfy, effortless places that offered spectacular views. 

​I have observed the mountains for hours taking the views in and seeing the light change. In one evening, I asked myself a question: What makes a good photograph? 

​It is definitely not the effort I spend climbing the mountains, and it also isn’t how much time I’ve spent planning and preparing. Sometimes a very spontaneous visit to a local woodland can bring better results than a very refined, planned photo expedition. A good example is one of my photographs that was shortlisted to the Outdoor Photographer of the Year. A photograph of very tall woodland trees in fog. I haven’t planned to take this photo, in fact – I didn’t even know this woodland was there until I arrived. I am though, very happy with the photos from that photo-shoot, and I guess, someone else regarded one of the photos as somewhat successful.

For me, a truly good, inspiring landscape photograph is one that evokes emotional response. If I see a photograph, painting or hear music that makes me feel something, gives me goose bumps, makes me sad, or happy – that, for me, is the perfect photograph, painting or music.

It is difficult to judge weather my photographs achieve this, because what I feel when I see my photos is going to be different to what somebody else feels when they see them. Everybody is different and everyone will see a photograph differently. However, one thing that could be done to create photographs that evoke feelings is trying to show how I felt at the time of taking the photograph. Specifically, how did I feel about the landscape? Were the mountains overwhelming and scary? Or were they dreamy and mesmerising? ​ If I can capture what did the landscape made me feel at the time, there is a chance someone will see that, and the photo might make them feel the same way. 

MNHP Bristol Exhibition

The photographs I have been taking for the past year here, in Poland are going to be exhibited in We The Curious in Bristol! 

The exhibition starts on 11th July at 12pm and ends on 13th July at 8pm. 

More information can be found here: If you are in the area, come and say hi!

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