• Alina Cebula

The Eye of the Sea

My expedition to Morskie Oko was successful to say the least.  This trip was my first multi-day expedition that I did by myself. Hiking and staying in the Tatras National park was challenging and out of my comfort zone. I was up before every sunrise and stayed out until after every sunset. 

This trip was a part of my journey to explore my “home” country and become familiar with it. Spending 5 days in the middle of nowhere, alone, with only essentials with me, helped me to direct my focus purely on getting to know the mountains. This trip was very emotional and important. Throughout the journey, I have focused on capturing and conveying my feelings into the photographs I was taking. 

Unlike my previous 3-day trip to the mountains, I have stayed in the middle of the park, and focused on exploring one small area as supposed to doing all day hikes in order to see as much as I can. I was quite worried before the trip that all of my photos would be the same if I stayed in one place, but this was definitely not the case. I have experienced the most amazing weather conditions, which were changing so quick, I couldn’t keep up with them. I have gone through feeling inspired, to feeling lonely, to being overwhelmed by the beauty and stillness of the place.

There will be more photographs coming from this series next week along with more detailed descriptions of what the photographs are. 

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