• Alina Cebula

Storks and views from Nosal

This week started off quite slowly, I have been waiting around for my local Stork to land on a patch of grass where I could photograph him, unfortunately with no luck. Later in the week, I have found out from my lovely neighbours that I will find a lot more Storks in a nearby town Nowy Targ. They were right, as when I did more research about this specific place I found a map which shows where the nests are. I spent the day there following a family of Storks and it has resulted in some good photos. Nothing beats locals knowledge!

I have also been scouting local area and looking for any signs of wildlife that I could photograph. I have found a lot of footprints and droppings, so I left a camera trap in the woodlands for a couple of days. 

At the end of the week I have a visited a trail known for the appearance of Brown Bear, unfortunately due to recent floods the trail was closed a couple of hours before I arrived. To not waste the journey I have taken a nearby trail that lead to Nosal mountain. This was an amazing climb with spectacular views. 

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