• Alina Cebula

Persistence pays off

I was confident that after spending a week on photographing Bluebells I would either have some good images, or give up and move on. I was quite happy with some of the photos I took. But they weren't good enough.  I had decided that I should stop there and move on to the next thing, but knowing that this is my last chance to photograph Bluebells I couldn't quite let it go.  Later, I had convinced myself to give it a final shot and go to another location that I have never been to before. I was amazed when I arrived at this woodland, the smell of all the flowers was so strong and it was so magical, exactly what I was looking for!  Sadly, the light didn't last for long before it disappeared behind thick clouds. This meant that I HAD TO come back again, I wasn't ready to let this beautiful location go just like that.. I was back the next day, and it was one of the best photography days this year. A thick fog rolled in as soon as I arrived making the woodland very mysterious and moody. I came back home with some of my favourite images.  For a good measure, I also travelled to the woodland on a clear day and took some images at sunrise. I just couldn't get enough of how magical and beautiful this place was. 

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