• Alina Cebula

Moody Kasprowy Wierch

The conditions in Tatras National Park have improved again, which meant I could go and try to capture the images I needed to complete my project. ​ I have decided to go to Kasprowy Wierch this time, a location I have had in my head for a long time now. I know the location can have very good photography opportunities, and in my portfolio I’m currently missing some more images that are wide angle mountain panoramas. 

I have had a very specific image in my head that I wanted to take. A beautiful snow-covered mountain tops with a layer of thick textured clouds floating on the bottom. All of this complimented with a low golden sunshine coming from the side. These conditions are incredibly difficult to predict, because a cloud forecast is needed, but the clouds need to be low enough to allow for sunshine and high enough to cover the mountains partially. ​ The plan was to stay in a shelter 2h away from the peaks of Kasprowy for a couple of days and hope for the best. 

On Thursday, ​I arrived to blue skies and sunshine, this was actually very nice. For a long time I didn’t have such good warm still conditions to work in. There was a layer of clouds covering the below villages, just as predicted! 

Sadly, these clouds were too low to cover the mountains in the way I was hoping for. I had planned to spend the whole day there, so I decided to wait and hope the clouds would lift. I was there from 8am till 3.30pm. During this time the conditions kept changing and I kept taking photographs and looking for potential compositions. Unfortunately, the clouds never lifted as high as I’d like them to, and the day slowly faded into night. I hiked to the shelter and found out that they would only have space for me for the one night, sharing the room with 9 other people. This was an experience definitely out of my comfort zone, and the following day I was forced to return home. I was planning to spend the day taking photographs, but I woke up to a pretty bad, miserable day. Very tired and sleepy I returned home.

I did capture some images, and I will keep trying next week!

​By the way, if you didn’t see on my social media yet, this week two of my photographs were shortlisted for the Outdoor Photographer of the year! 

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