• Alina Cebula

Me and the mountains

To finalise the first part of my project I have taken some time this week purely focusing on letting myself immerse with the natural surroundings in the Tatra mountains. I have planned a three-day trip where the focus was to appreciate, explore and get lost in the highest peaks. I have hiked, breathed, slept and lived in the mountains for three days. With no distractions and no rush. Just me, my camera and the mountains. 

​One of the hikes was from Kasprowy Wierch through to Czerwone Wierchy (Red Peaks). It took over 8 hours and I barely made it but spending the day hiking through autumnal colours and desert like peaks was an incredible experience. 

The goal of this trip was to like Cindy Jeannon, fully focus on the connection and relationship between me and nature. This forced me to take photographs all day - not only during golden hour, something I do very rarely. It allowed me to take my time and instead of going to a chosen viewpoint, taking photograph and going home - I arrived and explored every part of the journey. Taking photographs whenever something caught my attention. It forced me to work with the weather conditions I would usually just give up on. I was forcing myself to enjoy and celebrate the fact that there was not one cloud in the sky, to try to focus less on the perfect photograph and more on the connection and the feelings I had at the time. 

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