• Alina Cebula

Let your mind wonder

Past few weeks have been full of stress and anxiety. Getting ready for exhibition and graduation and travelling non-stop for a week took out all of my energy. After having some proper rest though, I am happy to share that I have graduated from Marine and Natural History Photography with a first class degree! The exhibition was amazing too, so thank you to all that attended!

On a photography subject - I think I have found my favourite local quiet woodland. I have scouted a few local places of interest, but nothing felt as magical as this place! It deserves a lot more time than I gave it last week, so I will definitely be returning.

The way I find interesting places to photograph is usually through google maps, I usually visit all green areas and look at locations through images and street view. The first visit is always a scouting visit, I have my camera on me but I rarely take it out. I like to get a feel of the place first and find some points of interest. Then I usually wait for specific conditions and when these happen I go again and photograph whatever catches my eye.

Here are some images I have managed to capture:

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