• Alina Cebula

Landscapes of Cornwall: Calendar

I have spent the last two years scouting and photographing all of Cornwall. I have visited most popular locations as well as newly discovered ones. I have enjoyed the warm sunshine while waiting for the most beautiful sunsets. I have ran back and forth multiple times down the Bedruthan steps, hiked in freezing cold blizzard, covered in snow on the Lizard point, braced the strong winds and hails at the Trevose head, all to capture the amazing natural landscape of Cornwall. 

The past two years were crazy, and even if I could, I wouldn't have changed a thing! 

This chapter has ended though, and I have moved on to new, exciting locations. I miss Cornwall, and I love to look back through my images. To celebrate this ending and a new beginning, I have created a calendar. Not just a normal calendar, but a calendar that is special to me and my close ones. One that will always remind me of the calming sea sounds, and refreshing sea breezes. A calendar that I'm proud to have on my wall. 

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