• Alina Cebula

Immersion in Nature

While photographing nature, I usually experience a crazy rush, whether it's me chasing the beautiful light before it disappears, or running around to find best possible composition, trying every possible option to simply produce most number of images in one photo shoot. In our digitalised day with fast frame rates and no cost of traditional film it's difficult to pause and take time to appreciate what's in front of us.  Don't get me wrong, I always appreciate the nature that surrounds me, just not to the point I'd like to.

Sometimes though, I allow myself to fully immerse in the nature, and with camera in my hands I take every little detail in, as if I was creating a painting. This usually happens in forests. It is always in those moments that I produce my favourite images. The outside world becomes irrelevant. Without realising how much time is passing, I get cold and hungry, but none of that matters. All that my attention is focused on is how beautifully the light dances off the leaves. How crisp and soft the light is, how green and textured the leaves are. The relationship between me and the nature in those moments brings me unspeakable calmness and clarity - it's like meditating. This is the very reason I keep doing what I do, to experience those moments when I allow myself to get lost in nature. 

I had spent a couple of hours this week in a place I didn't at all plan to photograph. The plan was to capture a beautiful mountain landscape at sunrise, but heavy fog forced me to change plans and venture into a small forest. After coming back home and analysing the photos I realised that the feelings during this photo shoot is what I would like to experience more often.

After reading an interview with Cindy Jeannon, a photographer who is all about the relationships we create with nature and how we can immerse ourselves into it. She doesn't force images, she feels them and waits for compositions to appear. 

My focus now will be to mainly spend more time with a location, and try to create more moments like those I experienced in the little woodland I visited earlier this week.  Don't worry though, this doesn't mean I will stop shooting sunrises and sunsets of vast landscape, but those will definitely develop with time. ​​ In the meantime, here are some photos I took this week. Enjoy!

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