• Alina Cebula

How to find new photography locations?

I have moved three times to three different countries in the past year, each location I move to is new and it's usually somewhere I have never been to before. The location I have moved to recently (Fife) is particularly difficult to find locations to photograph that are within half an hour radius, so I thought it might be useful to some if I went through the process of what I do to find new locations to photograph!

1. The most obvious and first thing I do is go on Google Maps and look at all the green areas, lakes and coastal villages nearby. This map would usually make my go to places for woodland and lake photos. It doesn't matter where you live, there is always a lot of these park areas everywhere! (although many of them often turn out to be golf parks or inaccessible lakes)

2. I then use the 360 view to look at the parks/lakes starting from the biggest and greenest parks available. If I find something interesting in that park I bookmark it, this is why my maps are full of stars!

3. I will also often just click on the name of the place and google will show a bunch of photos people submitted of the area, these are quite useful and after I have done these things, I usually know what I should expect from that place.

4. I check out what fellow photographers have been shooting in my area. This is a great source of inspiration and it's something everyone does, but I think if your location search is limited to only photographing what other people have photographed then your locations will be VERY limited! To see what other people shoot in my area I do a couple of things, first thing is usually 500px, I simply type the name of county, and there are many many locations people have photographed.

Another way to see what people have photographed is to find the location on Instagram or Flickr! I also join a couple of local landscape photography Facebook groups.

That is all! In Fife where there seems to be not that many exciting locations to photograph, I managed to fill up my map with locations in just three months. I then just visit the locations on a good day and plan for what weather conditions would work best with with the place.

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