• Alina Cebula

Final Stork photograph

The birds in my garden have now gotten used to the feeders and are even fine with me being around too! I have spent one morning photographing them to test my setup and see if it needs adjustments. I have also spotted a Kingfisher that came to our pond again! Unfortunately he spotted me too.. I have set up a nice perch over the lake to encourage him to come back more often. I will also set up a better hide to photograph him when he comes back. 

I really enjoyed photographing the white stork over the past couple of weeks, and I continued to do so this week too. Every time I spend time observing them I learn more about their behaviour and tolerance. I found that cars don't bother them at all, as most of the time their nests are near roads, and they often feed on fields that are near busy roads too. This week I focused on finding a stork that I could get close to with my car. This proved to be a good plan, as I could easily use the car to hide behind. And although I almost got stuck on a field, I managed to get a photograph that I had in mind at the beginning. 

This week I have also done more scouting in local woodlands. The camera trap I have left behind captured some lovely footage of roe deer, and I have visited Pieninski Park Narodowy and climbed to Sokolica to see if it has potential for a nice landscape photograph. I have also went to see the Niedzica castle which will make a lovely photograph at sunrise in Autumn.

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