• Alina Cebula

Birds and Czarny Staw

This week was mainly a bird week. I have mainly focused on finding Hoopoe. I have hiked trails and visited habitats in which they could potentially be found. I haven't succeeded with finding one, but I will continue my searches next week. I have spent quite a lot of time finding and photographing a White-throated Dipper. A bird that amazes me and I always wanted to photograph one. It can walk underwater for up to 30 seconds to catch its' prey. Once located, I have visited him 4 times this week at different times of the day to learn his habits and preferred places. I have captured some images that I'm quite happy with. 

The perch I have set up for my local Kingfisher paid off this week: We had one beautiful male visit us for a few minutes and used the perch to catch some fish. I have photographed him from my kitchen window, and couldn't be happier to have him actually use the perch! The plan next time he visits is to sneak up a little bit closer, without scaring him away.  ​

To end the week with a landscape, while also searching for other animals I'd like to photograph I did a hike from Brzeziny all the way to Czarny Staw Gasienicowy. It took over 5 hours but it was very enjoyable and views at the end were absolutely amazing. This lake along with other lakes in this area are places where I would like to visit more often to get a variety of weather conditions. 

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