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Be Still is a project I have been working on for a very long time. Last week, I have finished and submitted the first copy of the book for my final degree project. This project was very important to me and it changed the way I look at landscape photography, I have loved bookbinding since I was first introduced to it in College, so I have decided to put this personal project into a beautiful large hand made book. Here is a little bit of an insight into what the project is about:

Looking back at the history of mountaineering, there is an impression that the relationship people have with mountains is more valued than any other passion. The connection nature-lovers have to these rocky skyscrapers is unlike anything else. After all, it is a relationship some value beyond their own life.

Cresting a mountain brings a feeling of fulfilment and achievement, while spending time outdoors has been proven to ease stress and anxiety. Immersing oneself in nature and focusing on its beauty can help to disconnect from the trials of everyday life in order to recharge and clear one’s mind. The feeling of being a part of nature can trigger a journey of exploration and reveal otherwise unseen details. Nature teaches us important lessons about endurance, curiosity, and creativity. A connection to nature is of such importance to some, it guides the way they decide to live their lives.

‘Be Still’ is a project focusing on the importance of connection to nature. The project’s intention is to showcase its beauty and encourage people to look deeper into the details of natural landscapes. This book is a collection of beautiful snowcovered cliffs, shown through the lens of a camera. It presents the experience of immersion in the high alpine habitats of the Tatras through intimate recollections and detailed photographs. These sublime but dangerous mountains are something so ineffable, it’s difficult to articulate their sublime beauty, mysticism, and dangers through only one medium. This is why combining words with images of these unique surroundings was used to communicate its magnificence. Together, they take the viewer on a journey through this land of snow.

There is more to mountains than layered rocks coated with snow. Tall pine trees, frozen lakes, and plants fighting through tough conditions are all worthy of our attention. The experiences people encounter define the relationship they have with the location. Feeling the frost layering on wind-battered hair. Experiencing the magical, calming feeling of watching the snow fall and hearing absolute silence is priceless.

The collection of images in this book has been developed over a ten-month period. Over these ten months, the landscapes of the Tatras mountain range and surrounding areas were captured. There are 68 photographs in this book, each telling a unique story about love, hardship, and awe.

Click here to view the book images.

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