• Alina Cebula

Autumn is here

It's my favourite time of the year! But also usually the busiest time, and always goes by so quick. Autumn in the mountains means weather that can change dramatically from day to day. At the beginning of the week we had very hot days, followed by freezing temperatures and snow just the day after. I have visited the below location three times to finally have a visually satisfying result. I will have less time now to take photos because of other work and assignments I have to focus on. This shouldn't affect the weekly blog too much, but the time I spend photographing will definitely be reduced. 

Even though my garden is not at all a lovely golden colour yet, I had a chance this week to spend a couple of hours photographing the tits in an autumn setting, and I'm quite happy with these photos. I'm planning to do more of these with other birds too if I have more spare time. I have created this setting by simply finding a nice branch with orange leaves that I attached over a perch above their seed dish that they are used to eating from. In the background I hung an orange curtain I had at home. 

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