• Alina Cebula

Autumn in Scotland

For the first time ever this year I got to really experience the beauty of Autumn. Every year, I seem to get distracted with other things and every year I miss the beautiful change of seasons. This year, although it seems like I'm working on a million projects at once, I prioritise the time I spend outdoors. I try to get out at least twice a week. I use that very much needed time to wind down and relax, to take my mind off work and focus on the beauties of nature. If you're feeling stressed, I could not recommend this enough. Just go for a walk!

I usually just visit a few local parks, because we live very conveniently just across a big woodland that offers many opportunities for images.

The autumn is at its peak here in Scotland, for a few weeks I thought that the Autumn wasn't going to provide many opportunities for images this year. It was very windy and rainy, which meant that all leaves would be thrown into the air before they can properly turn, but the last week the weather was calm and sunny, and all the trees in my local parks suddenly turned gold.

When I visited the park I was amazed at the colours of some of these trees. I enjoyed the feeling of the dry leaves crunching beneath my feet. Every now and then, I would kick them up in the air so I can watch them fall again. The cold air felt very fresh, but it had this very distinctive autumn smell. The sun shining through the red and golden leaves made every scenery reflect beautiful colours. The barks of the silver birches are now dry and crispy to touch, and every now and then with the gentle wind the branches would drop a few golden leaves, like tears - slowly floating down to the ground. Compared to summer, everything seems to slow down, the days are shorter and nights are longer, people stay home because it's cold, which means I can enjoy many places without any distractions.

On one night last week, we had a beautiful display of northern lights. I have never seen the Aurora before so it was an amazing experience. I have taken an image of it and I'm hoping it will happen again!

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