• Alina Cebula

A little winter wonderland

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

So, it didn’t take long for me to decide to go through a painfully long walk in the snow again. Sadly, the conditions in the Mountains have gotten worse again, but the weather conditions were too good to stay at home. ​ We decided to go to a different National park closer to home, and even though this place doesn’t have rocky sky-scraping mountain range, the views were wonderful. 

It was a difficult hike, and perhaps not because of how steep the path was, but because I started the hike quite demotivated and uninspired. At the start of the hike we had gone the wrong way and had to walk half an hour extra to reach the correct path, there was barely any snow on the trees and lack of energy had made it very difficult to push through this stage. Later though, about one hour into the hike, all this negativity went away and allowed me to get creative again. 

The further we hiked, the more snow was covering the trees, making them into snowy sculptures scattered on the fields like in a museum. The path leading through them was like a tour telling a story of how beautiful each one of the trees are. Going off path was out of question without snow shoes, so arranging these icy sculptures into a composition was a challenge. The sun was shining all day reflecting off the imperious, white snow and making gold dazzling highlights. It was very bright which meant that tripod wasn’t necessary, I was a very happy snapper in these conditions. 

After hiking for over three hours we have decided it was time to go back down. We didn’t reach our destination this time because we didn’t have enough time. The hikes are always longer than they should be because of the extra time required for me to take photos. ​ On the way down, we have decided it would be a good idea to slide on small plastic sledges for kids. We had an amazing amount of fun doing that, also resulting in rolling down the path and snow getting everywhere (my camera did survive that), by the time we arrived back to the car, we were soaking wet and today we are both ill. It was worth it though! 

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